Real Estate Constractions


We offer growth opportunities beyond the  ordinary.

You can find the properties you wish OR you can build your Hotel OR your Villas of your dreams.

Our company makes all the necessary legal checks with the planning authorities and all the bureaucratic procedures for the purchase of property. and the services necessary for its development.
When you decide to purchase a property in Greece, we organize the details of your visit to the properties for sale. The multilingual office staff (English-Russian-German and Italian) will explain everything in detail.
There are no additional transportation costs for properties located at a distance of 100 Km from Athens. For distances greater than 100 km, there is a charge of 0.35 euros per km plus taxes for toll roads (if applicable). The cost of any ferry or airfare for your escort is at your expense. If you find a property to buy we can find expert lawyers and notaries who speak your mother tongue.
Our company will take care of the necessary procedures for the residence permit in Greece through the acquisition of property.
With the acquisition of a residence of over € 250,000 in Greece, you are entitled to a permanent residence permit for five years, renewable every five years during which you keep the property. With this license you can stay in other countries
of the European Union for three to six months. The permit is valid for all the family members of the buyer. You can also have a residence permit for long-term investment or leasing in Greece.
You can buy your villa in any place in Greece.
The main activity of our real estate branch is the construction of tourist complexes, condominiums, hotels, villas, etc.
Experienced architects will guide the investor in architectural planning, taking into consideration their personal choices.
Once the planning is complete, the 3D rendering is presented for further changes.
If you prefer to invest in a used or unfinished property we can complete the construction works and carry out all the bureaucratic processes.
A dedicated department deals with maintenance, cleaning, paying bills and finally renting with your own terms, for
as long as you want. This also applies to hotels.
To sell a property.
We will visit your property, evaluate it, discuss with you and define its price. Drawings of the property are required and your written and explicit order to formulate proposals to those interested.
The property will be advertised in various web sites and publications of tourist and real estate interest.
During the construction of the building we optionally offer assurance packages for any potential danger.

Once you find the house that suits you, you need to follow these steps: You must appoint an attorney to assist and represent you in the process. We can provide you a list of real estate attorney here in Greece subject to your consent.

A public notary must be appointed since any property purchase agreement, in order to be valid, must be done in the presence of a public notary. The public notary does not represent the interests of the buyer.The notary drafts the contract and is responsible for the verification and registration of the transaction in the public records.
So the buyer acquires the official title of the property. The vendor holds
the absolute deed (title)  of the property. The property is unencumbered. All the taxes have been paid.
The construction was completed in accordance with all planning and building permissions. The transfer  tax must be paid by the buyer prior to signing the contract.
The cost for the buyer: Lawyer’s fee, about 1-2% (subject of  agreement)  on the selling price. For  notary 1,3% on the value of the property. Transfer tax: 9% for the value up to 15.000 euro plus 11%
for the value above 15.000 euro. Municipality tax; 3%. The brokerage fee is between 2-6% (subject of  agreement).
The ownership of property in Greece is secured by a state authority called Registry of mortgages.
You can transfer funds from your country to Greece by your bank. You can take a loan from the Greek bank. In Greece, the VAT is 19% . You can make insurance for the property if take a loan. Is not obligatory but is required by the financial institution.